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Closed Circuit Television

CCTV systems have been with us for a number of years now and have provided countless businesses and establishments with an effective and efficient means of protection.


CCTV, whether internal or external, enables all types of businesses, buildings and establishments to respond considerably faster to the threat of theft, vandalism, criminal damage, physical attack and all types of crime.

Video evidence assists companies and Police to identify criminals and other offenders, promoting their early apprehension. This provides savings in security running costs.


As time moves on, so does the technology, premises now benefit from remote monitoring of newly installed and existing systems from almost any location, using the cheapest digital video storage we can find at the time and transmission technology via ISDN telephone lines to a selected monitoring station.

Digital Recorder

Modern-day CCTV systems no longer utilise mechanical video cassette recorders. These units cost lots to buy, require daily tape changes, wear-out quickly and take hours to find an incident.

There is a solution, the Digital Recorder! The Digital Recorder is a computer unit that stores information on hard-disk units similar to your home computer, but unlike your home computer it's designed to process 24hours-a-day 365-days-a-year without going into disk cleaning and defragmenting (causing problems). Digital recorders can record up to 16 cameras at a time and, depending on the capacity of the system, can record for periods of weeks. Accessing the images is as easy as putting in the time/date and pressing enter! Saving the information can be via a number of methods including cd & dvd disk and usb memory sticks. There are also lots of other facilities the Digital Recorder can help with such as internet viewing of images and email alerting, the sky is literally the limit.

Reduced Cost

The cost of manned guarding often creates a costly burden on budgets, however, with a remotely monitored CCTV system, annual costs can be reduced considerably.

Using external detection to complement a monitored system also ensures visual verification of criminal activity and precious evidence in the event of an arrest.

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