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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems are quite unique as they are primarily designed to protect your life!

Lets consider the worst case scenario.  If a Burglar Alarm fails then you have suffered a break-in, if a CCTV System fails then you have lost a recording of some description, and if a Door Entry/Access Control System goes down then you are either locked in or locked out. All of these are very annoying and inconvenient - but if a Fire System fails then potentially someone might die! This is the perspective of how important these systems are and how vital correct fitting, operation and maintenance is.

We take pride in offering systems, installation and maintenance facilities that fully comply with all relevant sections of British Standard 5839 and European Standard 54.


We can help you with everything from small manual systems in Public Houses and B&B's to large systems in Hotels or Factories that incorporate property and life protection elements.

Fire systems do need careful consideration and we strongly recommend you consult your Insurers and local Building Regulators before a decision is made.


Your local Fire Brigade will also have a Fire Officer who will be happy to help with the design of a suitable system.

Getting advice (and acting on it!) from all the above will ensure you fully comply with all the various legal requirements.

If your business has 5 or more employees you are required to undertake regular Fire Risk Assessments. But do you know how to produce a Fire Risk Assessment in line with legal requirements?

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